We help you in becoming a Credit Partner

  • Once you become a CP we will clean and remove all negatives on your credit and get rid of all inquires. Free of Charge

  • We will add AU(Authorized Users) to you personal credit to boast it up to 680 or over 700’s. Free of Charge

  • If you do not have a good corporation to use then we will buy one and put you as president of an aged successful corporation that is in business from 5 to 12 years old with a credit history.

  • Give your corporation a web site, business phone, and even cash flow for the corporation to help it look good on paper.

  • We will have you apply for large credit cards that will give your FICO a big boost.

  • Within 4 months your FICO should be over 720 Plus. We will make the payments and do a good job with your help and we will apply for a bigger loan and you could get another even more money each year while being CP.

  • In one year your FICO should be between 750 and 800