We will hire you to be President of one of our corporations and you will get paid a % of the funds that you credit brings in which is 6.25 % which should average $25,000 to $50,000 a year as a Salary and you can do your job in less than 1 hour a month.
You can get paid either in lumps sums each time the corporation funds you get your % within 72 hours. Your 1st payment within 40 to 90 days if you have you already have a corporation 2 years or older in good standing if we have to buy one that adds another then 60 to 120 days (it takes us time to build out and custom fit a corporation for you). 

After review of your credit profile and we if we find credit flaws add another 35 to 65 days after your file has been received and approved you get your % when funded. Since we hired you to be president of 1 of our corporations for 1 year, you can resign as president after month 11 and we find someone else to be president. 

If you resign you will not receive any more money from us but, could apply for a loan on your own and get funding because your credit will be very good.

If you stay on you will get another payment of 6.25% for the next year and still stay on as president, we could repeat this for 5 years in total. Your credit will be excellent and the corporate credit is excellent we might get more funding for the same company you could get another estimated $25,000 in the same year if you agree to another year you could get $50,000 instead of $25,000 each year, and continue for up to 5 years total.

It is not imposable that you could make over $75,000 a year after year 2. We will try to build the corporation to receive as much funding as it can do. We will, never will ask you to buy or pay for anything for the corporation out of your own funds.