Fill out this form to see if you qualify. We would like you use IdenityIQ we have found the IdenityIQ is easier for the clients and banks and our hedge funds us e to give the corporation credit, we will get you a discount using this link Click Here We need the SECURE MAX it give a monthly report . If you cancel it could only cost you $1 instead of $21.99. if you sign up for the 7 day trial. Once hired as a one of our president you will have to pay the 21.99 a month out of your pocket to make sure that nothing has bad has happend to your credit.

If you are accepted we will need you to fill out more forms and sign a employment contract with for 1 year with extensions. You will send us a copy of drivers license, Social Security Card and Utility bill or something with your home address. We would like you take a photo of you holding DL and front page of local newspaper showing the date. We will need you banking information to pay you.

If you do not qualify we will send your file to another division of our company that might get you a loans and fix your file so you could get you loans from $25,000 to $250,000, they will send you an invitation letter if you are qualified for that with a term sheet for you to review.