How We Protect You as Credit Partner

We are responsible to keep paying the loan because our company and future depends on the payments be paid on time and the loan paid off.

  • We must pay the loans on time because we need this loan to show as current, also because we have help approve this loan through our other division to be put in with other loans, this will be part of 10’s of millions of loans with other clients to be funded. When we funded you funded and did not make the payment on time that will hurt us with the funders.

  • We are affiliated with a very larger funder that works closely with our company, they respect our approvals.

  • The companies involved in this transaction with you have over 10 years of success in funding.

  • We need your success or our company or we could lose millions in future funding.

  • We will always show up to 2 to 4 months of payments to you that that is in the corporate checking account at all times, which you can view.

  • We could never afford this loan to fail because of the backlash on us.

  • You can resign after 11 months as Credit Partner and you will never be responsible for any of the loans we would have someone else in your place as president and they will receive the payments instead of you.

  • These are all corporate loans you these are not personal loans after 8 to 11 months depending on the company that loans us the funds.

  • Whenever the corporation gets to point to get more funding you will receive more money as president.

  • We would like you to be president for 2 or more years.

  • If you are with us for 1 year, we would like you to come to visit or vacation with us and bring someone with you, all the expenses paid by us.