Our Definition has changed,  but today we can use good people with a 640 FICO which is the minimum and make more than $12,000 a year and 3 active credit account over 2 years old and we will try to work with you. Credit Partner (CP) some older people who have good FICO but the low income we can work with them.

We prefer people with a 680 FICO with 3 or more active accounts over 2 years account. (If you are owner any type of corporation over 2 years old.

and in good standing that is a plus for your) If we find blemishes on your credit report we send you through credit restoration free of charge paid by us and remove all the minor blemishes that would hold you back from becoming a CP. Some people who have been rejected they have gone through credit restoration could reapply and become a credit partner or even get funded by us. 

Old Definition was someone who had a credit score of 730 FICO and an income of over $150,000 per year.(very few people could join us) 

Your Duties would be the president of one of our aged corporations receive a salary and have very light duties that can be done in less the few hours a month. Your main duty is to keep your credit good and to make sure you do not lower your credit score.

You are the person that the people look at for the corporate credit rating even though you are not personally responsible for it.