What We Invest In

Our goal is to have our investments be 100% safe and pay us enough profit to pay all of the expenses of our corporations and give us extra money for us to invest and grow and help people along the way.

  • We have a JV partner that is building homes, and condos in Europe they have a contract with clients that only have government-backed mortgages. (high profit over 30% a year)

  • High-interest financial market working with a very large investment fund and we are only taking a small part of the fund. Been in doing this for 7 years and will stop the fund in 2030. Will giving us a guarantee on our investment from a large bank.

  • Another is leveraging Bank Guarantee (through a large hedge fund pays 28% on our money) been doing this for 15 years.

  • A trader who has been in business for over 5 years that shows over a 5% monthly return.

  • We are always looking safe sound investments and when you manage millions in funds everyone wants to invest with them and gives us special advantages that the average person would ever be invited to invest in.

  • We in the future might set up a small fund that our CP can invest in if they want to.